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Written By: Sophie Dinh

To ensure that my work is of the highest quality, I’ve bought books and manuals and you’ll find some of them listed below. I use this material both to get a precise understanding of the topic in question, and to find the vocabulary that suits best.

The list only includes the books and manuals that I’ve bought; I often use online resources as well.


Voies d’abord de l’épaule
Olivier Gagey, Philippe Boisrenoult.
EMC (Elsevier Masson SAS), Techniques chirurgicales – Orthopédie-Traumatologie, 44-250, 2002

Précis d’anatomie clinique d’orthopédie
Author: Jon C.THOMPSON | Franck H.NETTER |
Preface: pr Jacques DUPARC

Subscription Revue de chirurgie orthopédique et traumatologique
Philippe Beaufils, Jean-Michel Thomine, Thierry Bégué, Jean-Louis Besse, Philippe Hardy, Henri Migaud, Charles Msika, Raphaël Seringe

Journal subscription The Bone & Joint Journal [British Volume]

Pièges et difficultés de la langue française
Author: Jean Girodet
Publisher: Bordas

Guide anglais – français de la traduction
Author: René Meertens
Publisher: Chiron

Petit lexique d’orthopédie anglais-français
Authors: C. Farcot, E. Bros-Brann
Publisher: SAURAMPS

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