About me


I’m capable of personally managing every aspect of your project, and I take care of every step, from the beginning to the end.

I also have an extensive network of translators and contacts that I can call upon should the need arise. Lastly, I can also join a taskforce or a workgroup for particular assignments.


Since 1998 I have been translating companies communications materials, with a marked preference for scientific, technical and health fields, without forgetting the environment.

On the What I do page you’ll find an outline of my areas of expertise.


For fun, by choice or by necessity I’ve been dabbling with deciphering and communication since childhood; I began by learning and using Javanese before the age of 10, then continued with Morse and some other codes, but was quickly faced with a lack of people to dialog with. In Junior High School I discovered foreign languages and the wonderful opportunities they provide to connect and share with others.

Over the years, I chose to make this passion my full time job. Understanding and reformulating a message and tailoring it so that it is understood by its target audience have since become second nature to me.


2019: ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) I passed the qualification exam in the English to French translation category.


It is paramount for me to honor my commitments. I don’t make promises lightly and I always comply with the agreed arrangements, in particular regarding deadlines. My diligence is the key to my credibility.

A well trained professional

Scientific and medical: High School diploma (math and natural sciences), nursing school, orthopedic surgery congresses and seminars

Communication: BTS – two year technical degree – in Communication and advertising

Linguistics: D.E.U.G. LEA,  Higher Diploma in Applied languages

Translation: ESIT School of interpretation and translation (Ecole Superieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs)