« Mrs Dinh is in charge of translations in the scientific field for our specialized journals in Rheumatology and Orthopaedics.
We are much satisfied by the reliability and ability of Mrs Dinh (and also the journals’ editorial boards and Societies affiliated to the publications).
Works commissioned to Mrs Dinh are always delivered on time, for regular as well as urgent works.
From the first time we asked for translations to Mrs Dinh, she takes into account all feedback provided by the authors, editors and we as publisher. Moreover, this is always demanded by Mrs Dinh herself to improve the quality of her work.
Mrs Dinh is rigourous and serious, eager to develop her practice and knowledge, opened to feedbacks, pleasant to collaborate with; we can trust her and in the quality of her work.
Mrs Dinh has already suggested to transfer a translation work proposal to a colleague of her own when she wasn’t comfortable with the subject. This is quite rare to be underlined (and much appreciable). »

— Pascal Léger, Executive Publisher, Elsevier

« Sophie is a very professional person, who will take the time to exchange and ask the necessary questions if necessary to fully understand the meaning of the document to be translated, and the expected objective.
Deadlines always respected, and often anticipated in their deliveries. »

— Sandrine S., Hip Product Manager

« Sophie is just the most professional, reliable translator I have met in nearly 25 years of practice. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone in search of a serious translator. »

— Gilles Chertier, freelance translator

« Collègue de Sophie depuis plus de 20 ans, j’ai travaillé avec elle sur plusieurs projets de traduction qui m’ont permis d’apprécier l’étendue de ses compétences. Fiabilité, rigueur, réactivité, respect des délais, organisation, fluidité de rédaction, compétences linguistiques, véritable expertise dans le domaine de l’orthopédie, approfondissement des connaissances en permanence, adaptabilité, discrétion, voici comment se résume le professionnalisme de Sophie. Enfin, son souci du client et son excellent relationnel ne sont pas les moindres de ses qualités. »

— Hélène Piantone Beaudin, traductrice indépendante, ancienne présidente d’Aprotrad